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We approach architecture as if our lives were both defined by, and dependent upon, the process and realization of design.

Architecture must endure. Its cultural contribution is meaningless if the design is not built soundly. Masterpieces of design accrue cultural meaning slowly, often long after their initial purpose and context have metaporphosed, so their longvity is crucial. Across many diverse regions and idioms of design these masterpieces share a common trait: the highest technique of building. Advanced building technology expresses a belief that we are pursuing meaningful, enduring art. From the painstaking care of master draftsmen, to the guild secrets of masons, truly significant buildings were at once bound to tradition and obliged to innovate. While our techniques have evolved, we must remain optimistically committed to advance technology. Within this tradition, architecture and engineering were never intended to be separate. Their seamless integration has produced the vast majority of our landmarks, it was a modern approach then as now.

All who come upon great architecture are met first not

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