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Master Planning

The Z team takes a holistic approach to master planning. We are committed to the idea that the built environment should be conceived through a design process that develops a healthy and compatible relationship between land uses and land forms, plant materials and the natural environment, buildings, infrastructure and market demand. Working with clients we strive to develop sustainable communities with diverse housing types, integrated shopping and retail services, recreation and open space features, planned within pedestrian oriented community fabrics.

Master Planning services include:
- Site analysis
- Coordination of due diligence and civil engineering
- Review of existing utilities, vegetation, slope, waterways and infrastructure
- Planning for phased implementation and development
- Assistance with code and jurisdictional authority reviews
- Coordination of traffic studies and environmental impact studies
- Review and establishment of development covenants
- Layout of building, open areas, plazas and green space
- Design of parking and traffic schemes
- 3D Visualization for development financing and sales

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